Spiders – North Carolina

The great things about spiders, particularly the eastern states’ red-back spiders, is they are not a pest problem but rather serve an important ecological role. the best info on spiders do much more than ruin your outdoor living space with their bites and carves webs across your house, but they also eat a wide variety of insects that destroy and control the delicate balance needed by many species across the north. Many species are even eaten by humans, although usually in very minute amounts. In North Carolina, we know that spiders make sure there are enough insects to maintain a diverse food chain by eating a wide variety of arthropods, including mosquitoes, birds, rodents, frogs, and a variety of other insects.

Why Your Kids Need to Know About Spiders and Black Bears in North Carolina?

And while spiders may be the star attraction in the decline of certain bird species across the north, spiders have a big part to play in keeping songbirds and other species alive. In fact, spiders may even be instrumental in the recovery of a species that has become extinct because of human interference, such as the Passenger Pigeon or the Carolina Parrot. While spiders undoubtedly do play a part in maintaining a healthy environment, most people will not see them unless they are a problem or you are living in an area that is especially problematic. Unfortunately, they can appear at any time and without warning. You can find spiders all over the place, from man-made creations like houses and cars to natural baiting sites like woodpeckers and ash trees, and sometimes spiders can be so numerous that you can hardly notice them.

What to do about spiders? There are several methods for removing spiders, but the most common method is to call a professional. Because spiders are often found in areas prone to spider infestation, it is necessary to first identify the spiders and then begin treatment based upon their identification. Professional pest control services are knowledgeable about the most common spider species in the area and can advise you on how best to remove them. The most common types of spiders in North Carolina are red-back spider, white-tailed spider, huntsman spiders, brown trapdoor spider, mouse spider and wolf spiders.

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