The 80 series airbox is one of the most popular models from Nissan, with a lot of models available with features such as direct injection fuel injection (DIF), variable valve timing, variable valve relief and variable airflow (VASCAR). Nissan’s range of intercoolers is also well-known member of this particular series. The first part of the airbox – the cone-shaped spring – contains two holes, while the second has a valve. This spring pushes the air through the intercooler, while preventing it from returning through the carburetor. With the intercooler cooled by an aluminum plate placed directly beneath the cones, a closed end is formed which pushes up the air into the tubes of the intercooler. This particular type of cooling system is known as an ‘intake’ cooling system, because it incorporates the intake tube into the cooling loop.

How to Find The Most Popular Type of Intercooler

The end result is a system that can cool an automobile to extremely low temperatures, before it becomes too hot to work. As with all Nissan intercooler components, these are made out of aluminum, but have a stamping of Nissan’s trademark “Nismo” mark on them. One of the more popular models for example is the “GHoenix”, featuring an “intake” cooling system and single piece radiator clamps with matching front intakes. Another popular model is the “RA”… which has two intakes, but no outside air intake ducting… yet another “intake” cooling feature.

The “RA” is actually the biggest and best looking Nissan airbox we have ever seen. The ribbed front grill, along with the rear vents adds to the overall “awesome” look. If you’re looking for a cooling system that looks awesome, performs awesome, is incredibly durable and also is extremely lightweight, then look no further than one of these Intercooler Kits from Nissan.

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