turkish rugs

Antique Turkish rugs often feature complex geometric patterns, intricate floral designs, and attractive tribal motifs. These rugs typically feature an open, asymmetrical composition and are usually decorated with a central medallion design, tree of life motif, or prayer niches. Each rug’s appearance is unique, and the aesthetic meanings they convey help them to accumulate value over time. For instance, an antique distressed Turkish rug may have a pattern with leaves and flowers in a gray color on a soft blue background. It would add color to a room without being overly bold, and it is an attractive look.

Take Your Time Looking Around And Compare Several Rugs

Once a style had been adopted, the weaving process continued under the supervision of Anatolian muftis. These rugs featured patterns designed by decorative and mural artists, and the pattern became known as “Ruggles of the Palace.” These rugs eventually reached Europe and were displayed in museums and churches, where they were considered to be symbols of respect. Some of these rugs have incredible stories behind them. Regardless of whether you are buying an antique rug to hang on your walls or use as a floor covering, you’ll find a great selection of antique Turkish rugs here.

A good place to buy a new rug is at a reputable dealer. Take your time looking around and compare several rugs in order to find one that suits your style and your budget. Then, ask questions about the age, quality, and origin of the rug. Avoid buying an antique rug from a touristy carpet shop where the carpets may be cheaply made and unattractive. If you do not have time to spend hours at an antique rug showroom, buy one from a trusted source.

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