Tantra School

Tantra School is an exclusive spiritual institution dedicated entirely to the true spiritual traditions of the ancient tantric sciences. The core teachings of Tantra are the study of life’s energy called ‘Kundalini’. By unlocking this powerful energy within ourselves, we can unlock the secrets of every tradition including; love, health, prosperity and success. People from all over the world are seeking answers to their questions about this ancient science, which has been passed down through the ages by enlightened people who have taken the time to seek out this unique science for themselves.

Three Schools of Tantra

The first two modules of this Tantra course involve a comprehensive introduction to tantra theory and history, the secrets of tantra rituals, and the secrets of tantra techniques and practices. The final two modules each focus on a specific aspect of tantra. A total of four modules will last thirteen weeks and will help you to complete a fully fledged spiritual evolution. You will have a thorough understanding of the theory of evolution, the secrets of tantra rituals, and the techniques of tantra exercises.

There are three schools of tantra practice that you can choose to follow. I personally prefer to follow the path of Shakti, because it is the purest form of tantra and involves direct worship of the gods. Mastering three schools of tantra will awaken your consciousness to the truth of the sacred feminine – Shakti. A tantra master will guide you through the process of learning these three schools of tantra.

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Best Ways To Become A Photographer In DC

Many photographers in Washington DC are trying to figure out how to best capture Babies in DC while you’re on assignment. Babies in DC are not the most photogenic subjects and a photographer must use other methods to make sure that the photo is actually a good photo of the baby. Photographers in DC have a lot of challenges on their hands to try and keep photography worthy and the photographer of the front page of the newspaper! Photographers in DC like to capture the cute little babies on the camera and try and make them into portraits but often Babies in DC come off as being less than cute and photogenic. A photographer in DC needs to know all of the right places around DC to find the cutest Babies in DC poses, but they also need to know what methods work best to get those poses just right without appearing to be too pushy with the mom or dad.


Photographers are always looking to capture a unique angle of a newborn that isn’t usually seen in regular publications or in the day-time magazines. When you’re on assignment as a photographer in DC you don’t have many options but to try and figure out what angles work best. You will want to be as strategic and creative as you can when it comes to working with parents and photographers to make sure that you get the best shots of the newborns in DC. Being professional is very important no matter what kind of photographer you are; even when it comes to capturing babies in DC. The best photographers know when to up their game and when to down play their style. Click here to find out more information.

When you are on assignment as a photographer in DC, you won’t want to sit back and rest your baby by taking a few hundred pictures. Babies grow fast and you only get one chance at every wonderful moment of a baby’s life. As a photographer in DC you need to be prepared for any moment, and you need to know where the best shots are to be taken. If you are a person who likes to take a picture at different angles and fashions then you will probably want to consider becoming a wedding photographer. This is a great profession for people who like to click portraits of newlyweds. Your services will come in handy whenever the couple gets together for the wedding party or if you get invited to any weddings or receptions that are thrown in Washington DC.

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