Things to Do in Tokyo

The last two words, tokyo, always conjures up visions of grand architecture, modernism, modernization and art. However, in truth, Tokyo, Japan, is an eclectic blend of the old and the new. Tokio, the old town, is bustling with activity, constantly renewing itself with new shops and cafes, art galleries and traditional Japanese shrines. Tokyo, the new town, is a place of endless possibility, where the spirit of the times intermingles with the culture of tomorrow. Here are some things to do in Tokyo for those who are keen on exploring the hidden treasures of this eternal city.

What You Can Learn From Bill Gates About THINGS TO DO IN TOKYO

The most famous things to do in Tokyo are things to do in Tokyo, but if you do not want to be among them, there are plenty of other things to do in Tokyo. One of the best known things to do in Tokyo is that of taking a capsule. In order to experience the beauty of the land that is enveloped by the ocean, one must take a trip to the marine park Keihan-En land. A capsule in the park allows travelers the chance to swim with seals, view sea turtles, go swimming with dolphins and observe a variety of coral reefs. While traveling in a capsule, the traveler can also enjoy the splendid views of Mount Fuji, the Imperial palace, and Mount Kureavya. Those who wish to spend a few more hours can also visit the Tanimura vineyard, a popular attraction in the area.

For those who want to see sights beyond what is found in Tokyo, there are other things to do in Tokyo to give them a different view of the city. For example, in Ogasawara ward there is Ebisuiji temple, one of the most important temples in all of Japan. If one does not want to walk around the temple itself, they can rent a temple bus or hop on the excursion buses that depart from various places daily to get to Ebisuiji temple. Other things to do in Tokyo include a trip to the Meiji Shrine, the Goromo bridge, Mount Aso, cherry blossom viewing, the Great Lake and many other interesting spots. The best part about visiting the Meiji Shrine is that one gets the chance to stand on the red torii gate that was used as an entrance to Japan when it first became a nation.

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