The most important factor to consider when choosing a cartridge heater is its quality. A good heating device has a high watt density. The coil is where the electric current runs and when it is hot, it transfers its heat to the sheath. The sheath is in direct contact with the liquid or substance being heated. A good heating coil will have excellent insulation qualities. When selecting a cartridge heater, you should also choose a company that manufactures high-quality heating coils.

How to Do Choosing a Cartridge Heater Manufacturer

If the heater does not fit, the setpoint temperature will not be accurate. In fact, if the heater is too large, it may completely seize the work piece. Ideally, the outside diameter of the cartridge will be larger than the inside diameter of the bore. To make these smaller, the manufacturer downsizes the heating element by about 0.002″ to 0.05″. Thus, a 0.5″ nominal diameter heater will be manufactured to 0.495″ or 0.498″.

To ensure that the temperature is accurate, you should check the sheath of the cartridge heater to make sure that it is corrosion-proof. A non-stick coating eliminates the need for release agents and provides corrosion-resistant and solid lubrication during operation. This prevents “sticky” cartridge heaters from causing a lot of downtime. A high-quality heating system will ensure a longer life span and less maintenance.

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