A dictionary definition of an obstacle can help you determine what is meant by the term. There are many different kinds of obstacles: natural, man-made, and even a combination of both. The American Heritage Dictionary, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, defines an obstacle as “anything or anything that stands in the way of progress.” The third-grade-level word-of-the-year contest, based on WordNet 3.0, explains the word as an “obstacle.”

The Dictionary Definition Of An Obstacle And Obstacle Synonym Mystery Revealed

Another synonym of obstacle synonym is a hindrance. This word has a wide variety of meanings and can also be used to describe something that gets in the way of progress. In addition, it can have several different spellings. In this way, finding an appropriate word to describe a situation can be challenging. In addition, you’ll find antonyms and multiple definitions of each word, making it easier to determine which word you need to learn.

Ultimately, an obstacle means anything that is in the way of progress. A person can’t accomplish his or her goal if it is blocked by an obstacle. It’s an unnecessary and frustrating situation. If the goal you’re pursuing is difficult, you’ll need to work harder to overcome it. By looking at a dictionary’s list of words for obstacles, you’ll find the perfect word for any situation. You’ll have a new vocabulary of words to use in any conversation.

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