door entry fobs

Door entry fobs are devices that are used on doors to allow a person to gain entrance into a building. A door entry fob is a decorative knob which is used to turn a door lock into a door opener. In the case of a deadbolt lock, the knob includes a lock with an electronic keypad that can be used to operate the door. A door entry fob is normally a hand-held unit, although it can also be a pull chain operated unit. In some instances, the door entry fob may have a thumb turn feature which allows an individual to enter and exit a building without having to turn the handle all the way to either side.

Door Entry Fobs With A Keyless Entry System

A majority of the door entry fobs have a switch located within the knob itself that can be used to turn the door lock from a regular deadbolt into a series opener. This allows for more than one person to have the ability to enter a home or office if desired. Some door entry fobs have a series of buttons that when pressed will activate different functions within the door entry fob, including the ability to lock/unlock the door, turn the light fixtures or televisions on or off, control the opening and closing of the doors, and many other options. It should be noted that certain types of door entry fobs do not contain a “turn and lock” switch, instead these doors only allow for a manual lift-up from the ground. Door entry fobs are primarily used in commercial buildings and in areas where a person would like additional access to their home or business.

One advantage of using door entry fobs is that they can provide the convenience of a keyless entry system without requiring the individual to carry a traditional key to the front door of a house or business. The ability to enter a building or home without having to leave one’s property has made the home security industry boom in recent years, with more people turning to non-lethal alternatives to stopping intruders. A keyless entry system can provide the homeowner or business owner with ultimate home security, with no need to worry about losing keys or forgetting them when leaving a house or office.

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