heavy duty casters

Heavy duty casters are the ultimate mobility solution for carts, cabinets, and other pieces of furniture. They’re durable, quiet, and can handle a wide range of applications. Learn more https://www.castercity.com/heavy-duty-casters/

Choose from a selection of caster types and materials for your project or application. The best ones will be made from soft, non-marking material such as polyurethane. These are easy on floors, are smooth and silent, and won’t leave marks or scratches.

SMOOTH AND SILENT: Double precision ball bearings provide smooth mobility and low noise when moving the caster wheel. They also absorb shocks to ensure low-vibration transport.

How to Choose the Right Wheel Type for Heavy Duty Casters

EASY STEERING: Equipped with a 360 degree swivel head, these wheels can respond immediately to changes in direction and are perfect for working in tight spaces or other environments where greater maneuverability is needed.

DOUBLE SAFETY BRAKES: These heavy-duty casters are equipped with strong firm brakes that can lock both the wheel and swivel simultaneously. The brakes are easily engaged and released by hand or with your foot.

The casters’ 1100-pound capacity can handle loads like luggage, display equipment, light machinery, cabinets, and furniture to make your things portable wherever they need to go. They’re also ideal for navigating uneven flooring and going over obstructions.

Casters with elastic or super-elastic solid rubber tires on a steel rim are a maintenance-free alternative to pneumatic casters. They offer puncture resistance, precise steering performance, and a high load capacity.

Blickle offers a large variety of heavy duty casters for applications in industrial, commercial, and home settings. The selection includes swivel casters for use in corrosive environments as well as versions with gray cast iron wheels for heavy duty applications.

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