How Home gear expert helps consumers choose their tools

The How Home Gear Expert makes it easy for consumers to determine the right kind of tools to fit their specific needs. The website, which was launched in May 2010, provides users with an online community. Members can share information about different kinds of tools, and the Expert offers a wide range of tools and accessories to choose from. Find out –

How Home Gear Expert Helps Consumers Choose Their Tools

Home improvement stores and other retail outlets can sell How Home Gear Expert goods and services through their websites. Once a consumer visits the site, he or she can buy tools online or get them at a discount price at the outlet. There is a newsletter provided as well that allows the consumers to stay updated about new products and discounts offered. In addition, the site also allows the consumer to get more information about local suppliers. This is possible because local suppliers may want to provide extra service, and the How Home Gear Expert helps in that endeavor.

The company has recently become even more popular because of its TV commercials and radio advertisements. The commercials and ads feature real consumers like the ones featured in the website. The TV commercial shows a homeowner who uses the How Home Gear Expert, learns how it works and is happy with the product. He or she tells people about all the things he or she does using the product. The radio spot features a man who tells people about his success and the equipment he bought using the How Home Gear Expert.

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