It has been more than a year since I was last asked to look at the best replacement CV axles for sale by one of our corporate clients. Whilst I have always done this role as an assessor of such products, I was asked to look again in light of the recent allegations involving manufactured goods in the UK. We have a long standing relationship with one of the largest supplier of aftermarket CV axle products in the UK, who we do business with on a fairly regular basis, and it has recently come to our attention that the company had sold its goods to a Chinese supplier which has caused serious fraud and breach of contract claims to the company. This company had sold tens of thousands of units to our corporate clients in the last 6 months but has now asked us not to sell any more, claiming that the majority of its stock would be counterfeit.

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The question we asked our client when the company asked us to carry out this review was what was the reason behind the decision not to sell the stock? A company representative told us that the firm did not wish to take any further risk on the potentially damaged credit rating of the company and its finance arm, and that any stock that was sold would be replaced by new stock from another supplier. Whilst it is understandable that the finance arm would want to focus on its own operations and minimise the risk of fraud, it is clear that other parts of the firm were not as careful. The questions we posed to the representative included whether the company had investigated the sourcing process for the stock, whether they had considered alternative suppliers, and how much effort had been put into monitoring the sales of the stock over the last few years.

We were provided with information from our client about three suppliers from which they had sourced the Axles, and two additional companies from which they had purchased stock. The vast majority of the axle supply from which the company bought has been supplied by Boccia, and they have held the majority of the shares in the company ever since its formation in 2021. Sourcing your axles can be a complex process, and it is important that you do an in-depth analysis of your options before making your decision. It is also a good idea to contact a specialist financial advisor before buying from Boccia, just to make sure that they are aware of the whole situation and not just a part of it.

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