“We produce the finest and stylish yet most economical outdoor blinds in Australia”. says Outdoor Blinds Penrith. “We have been a family owned Sydney company specialising in just outdoor blinds for more than 15 years. In all aspects of our service, we maintain high standards and consistent communication with our clients.” says Martin van der Goes, Operations Manager of Outdoor Blinds Penrith.

Martin and wife Vera in their early years bought this particular company because Vera was fond of doing DIY projects. It grew into a successful company and in turn Martin started to do the same thing. He decided to share his insight and know-how by writing books and promoting his products online. Today, Outdoor Blinds Penrith is a household name in the manufacture and selling of beautiful, cost effective, environmentally friendly and long lasting vertical blinds.

It is important to understand that our blinds are not cheap but they can be excellent investments. They last a lifetime as they are water resistant and UV resistant. They can be painted any colour by a trained professional or by the owners themselves. They can be fixed on patio doors and windows and are available in several sizes, shapes and designs. So if you want to get good value for money on your next project, you should consider making use of Outdoor Blinds Penrith.

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