FRP Heel Guard Grating is commonly used in residential applications where traditional rigid grating isn’t suitable due to the risk of ladies’ high-heels shoes becoming caught. It features a relatively small 8 mm x 8 mm aperture which enables water to flow easily through without the risk of heels being trapped. This material is not as thick as standard rigid plastic and is therefore flexible enough to provide good flow even when heavy foot traffic is occurring. It is also waterproof when dry, which reduces condensation and makes cleaning very easy. The material is also flexible enough to conform to curved surfaces providing additional strength. As this type of guard doesn’t need to have a vacuum chamber or other specialised cooling systems it can be used for almost any application where regular guards can pose problems.

The Benefits of Installing FRP Heel Guard Grating in High Volume Foot Traffic Areas

There are two types of heel guard grating available; straight and curved. Straight varieties are often made from high volume polyethylene which is an extremely tough and durable product. However, it can be difficult to install because it requires a flat work area and large clearances for installation. Also, straight models don’t provide exceptional slip resistance against lateral movements such as that encountered during walking and dancing. Sliding resistance is reduced slightly with a curved design but overall it performs better than straight versions.

A curved version of heel guard grating can provide excellent slip resistance when combined with a rigid drainage system. Its strength and efficiency make it ideal for applications in high volume foot traffic areas where slip resistance from footwear is an important issue. This type of guard offers similar benefits to that of the straight variety with regards to safety, ease of installation and comfort of use. Its use combined with efficient drainage systems provides the ideal conditions for reducing accidents caused by falling footwear.

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