Ceiling Speaker System – Size, sound depth, sensitivity, frequency response, and coverage patterns all contribute to the overall sonic make-up of out-ceiled speaker systems. So how can you determine what speaker will work best in your room? As a multimedia/audiovisual designer, I would like to share three tips for choosing a quality, in-wall ceiling speaker system:

Ceiling Speakers: A Beginner’s Guide

The first tip is to take measurements. Take at least three measurements, each about five feet long by six feet wide, to figure out how much room you have to cover with the speakers. This will allow you to focus on the proper size and power of your speakers. Do not choose a speaker that is too large for your room. For example, a ceiling speaker system may be too tall for your space because it will take up floor space that is not really necessary or available.

The second tip is to ensure you choose a subwoofer that is appropriate for the type of music you are trying to play and that you have the necessary space for. Subwoofers, while more expensive than speakers, offer greater sound quality. Also, you may want to add a subwoofer as part of the ceiling speaker system to save on floor space.

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