carpet cleaning wand

A carpet cleaning wands for sale is a tool used with an extractor to spray and extract water and solution onto the floor and vacuum it back up. This is usually done when cleaning a stair or other hard surface, but can also be used to clean carpets and furniture too.

There are many different types of wands, so you can select the best one for your needs. Some of the most common wands include:

10″ Dual Jet S-Bend Stair, Van and RV Carpet Cleaning Wand (Stair Wipes Included)

Expert Tips for Proper Maintenance and Care of Your Carpet Cleaning Wand

This wand has 2 bends that relieve pressure on your back when using it to clean stairs or other areas that are hard to reach. The wand also has a 12″ head with overspray wings and 2 jets to ensure the solution gets deep into the carpet.

Hydro-Force Swivel Wand – Reduces fatigue and allows the operator to clean longer

The Hydro-Force wand has an integrated glide that stabilizes it as you move it from straight to curves, making it easy to clean under or around furniture. It also has a soft touch valve that hugs the surface and has a comfortable working height that will help you get more work done.

Evolution Wands – Lightweight, Ergonomic and Glides Over the Carpet

The Evolution wand is rotationally molded to improve airflow and boost water recovery performance. This makes it nearly half the weight of most other wands and essentially glides over the carpet to pick up dirt, debris and water that would normally go in the waste tank.

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