The Maori land court Whangarei of Appeal is the last and only court of the country that has the power to say things about the decisions of the previous decisions of the Constitutional Tribunal. The decisions made there are referred to as the ‘Rihanna tuition’ of the submissions of counsel, and this is the only way in which matters of law can be heard in New Zealand. The submissions made must be lodged with the Court and must be accompanied by a certificate from the Judge of the High Court that they are true and honest. There is an eight-part checklist that must be completed by both parties seeking leave to appeal before the High Court.

What Is the Maori Land Court Whangarei?

The applicant must also supply the Registry Office with all the paperwork that they require for their submission and must also submit reports from legal experts, witnesses and any other form of evidence that might be required. They must also list any documents that have been excluded and must include any documentary evidence that will support their appeal. It is important to remember that the entire appeal process may be suspended for a further thirty days while the matter is being considered. This is to allow time for consideration by the courts and submissions being made by the applicant.

There is no appeal certificate and the appeal cannot be reversed in either the High Court or the Constitutional Court if it is found untrue, misleading or lacking in any material particulars. If the appeal is not successful then the applicant loses their right to appeal, and the matter will return to the Registry Office for determination. The Registry Office will announce its decision at a meeting of the Royal Society of Arts in Christchurch on the next date of hearing. The applicant can then apply to the Registry for leave to appeal to the High Court. Alternatively, they can also apply to the Registry to appeal to the Constitutional Court but this is subject to the results of the inquiry.

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