eu blue card

The eu blue card is an internationally accepted work permit that allowing highly qualified non-EU citizens to reside and work in 25 of the member states of the European Union, excluding Cyprus and Ireland, that are not subject to the visa quota. It can be applied for online via the eu blue card website or by applying in person at the office of the Federal Migration Agency (FRA) in Negev, Israel. This permits the holder to reside and work in any of the countries of the EU for a specified period of time as dictated by the provider. The period of authorization is based on the calendar months of the year.

A highly skilled non-EU national, who holds an Australian visa or an Australian passport and has acquired permanent residency in the country can work in any of the countries of the EU for an eligible period of time as long as they have obtained a eu blue card. This enables the workers to reside and work in any country of the EU, while accessing the social benefits that are made available. The program allows the workers and their families to access health care and education as well as other public services. The blue card does not restrict the country of residence for the workers, but they must normally reside in an area that is recognized by the Federal government as having an adequate school system. The program is also designed to protect the rights of those employers to hire and engage highly skilled non-EU national workers and to ensure that the workers receive an adequate level of treatment in terms of pay and working conditions.

An Australian visa or an Australian passport may be required to be valid for the a blue card program. To apply for the visa or the passport, one must reside in an area of Australia designated as Australia, for at least three continuous years immediately preceding the start of the program. The process for becoming a permanent resident of a country other than the one designated as the home country is more lengthy and typically requires a more extensive background check and documentary proof of education and work experience. Permanent residents of an Australian visa are allowed to reside and work in another country for an additional three years after the issuance of a visa, provided that the three years prior to the application do not result in the termination of any existing Australian immigration laws. Permanent residents who wish to travel outside of Australia must apply for a visa to that country.

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